Boost creativity and good mood in your team.

The best group size to work with is 10 to 15 people. It would be best to start the program with a joint workshop (30 minutes) and continue it in groups depending on the time available for the activity.
The agenda should include at least 3 hours for this activity.

Depending on skills and interests, group would be divided into several smaller teams (min 10 persons each team).
We suggest choosing from the following topics:
- drawing basics,
- painting landscapes with water colors,
- the power of natural pigments,
- biophilic design,
- sculpting for beginners,
- embroidery,
- listening to plants - life and energy,
- making birdhouses.
- Art&Nature with Đorđe Stanojević (world famous artist from Serbia)
Each team will work with a mentor who will lead the program.

The price depends on topics and the size of the group/team and ranges from €20-100 per person.
The program takes place inside and outside.
The program can be extended to several sessions during one or more days.
After the finished workshops, we can organize an auction of the works and a possible donation of the collected funds.