Balkan Food Postcard is a one-day journey through the tradition, history and culture of the Balkan people with 52 different dishes in three meals and 104 interesting stories.

This activity is the most interesting for foreign tourists because in a very short time they get an experience of life in Serbia.
The entire event takes place at the Maglian Campus during regular meals and does not require additional time, so it is ideal for groups with a busy schedule.

Starting price for groups 50+ is 78€ per person and include three meals, free rakija, wine, local craft beer and local fruit juces during the lunch and dinner. Price for groups with F/B starts from 53€ per person.

If the group wants to participate in food preparation, the event can be extended (for an additional fee) to several workshops where guests could participate in food preparation, hear interesting stories from the Balkans and learn how to prepare delicious and healthy food at home.