Venue & surroundings

The venue itself is very interesting primarily thanks to its fantastic connection with the surrounding nature. Using the principles of biophilic architectural design, we created a unique space that provides guests a user experience equal to experience being in nature.
From a functional point of view, we have a very flexible space that can be quickly adapted to the guests' requirements especially for business retreats and team building/bonding events..

Building 3 (1.635m2)
5 floors. Panoramic elevator. Restaurant (-1), meeting room (-1), reception (0), lobby bar(0), wine bar(0), conference room(0.), 14 units(1,2,3), Zen zone(4).
Building 2 (1.335m2)
4 floors. No elevator. 18 units (0, 1, 2, 3), Nordic office (4) and private SPA (3).
Building 1 (1.635m2)
4 floors. No elevator. 20 units (0, 1, 2, 3), Pub office (4.).
Large open garden is placed on the south side of estste, borders with acres of mixed pine forest and meadows. Three big wooden platforms can accomodate place for rest on sun or interesting group activites.
We have a large private parking space suitable for both passenger cars and buses.